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There are an abundance of highly-motivational Turbo Jam reviews being shared by Beachbody customers these days, and for good reason. Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam workout delivers impressive results in a fun and easy to follow format, and the popularity of it continues to grow.

Turbo Jam Reviews – What is the TurboJam Workout?

Turbo Jam ReviewsTurbo Jam is a series of amazingly fun dance workout videos featuring the entertaining Chalene Johnson. Chalene takes you on a journey through a tough workout that includes moves that fuse the best of cardio, kickboxing, body-sculpting, and dancing set to the latest and greatest music.

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You will be pleased to learn that one 45-minute Turbo Jam workout burns up to 700 calories – more than you would burn if you did other forms of endurance exercise such as jogging or Pilates. Of course, exercise is only one aspect of weight loss – you have to address what you eat as well. Chalene has this covered – the program also includes a detailed weight loss meal plan (that includes recipes), a workout calendar so you can keep track of your progress and a guide to help you order the right foods when you go to fast food restaurants. The Turbo Jam program developed by Beachbody.com and Chalene Johnson takes the best, high-energy moves from different sources (cardio, kickboxing, body-sculpting and dancing) and converts them into a high-energy, fun workout.

Turbo Jam Review – Why is Turbo Jam so Popular?

The simple answer to this question is – Turbo Jam WORKS! It can help you improve your body without spending the time and money to join a gym/fitness center or purchase exercise home exercise equipment. Everyone has a busy lifestyle today and needs a fitness program that can fit into their schedule – a quick routine that can be done while the children are napping or before heading off to work. Turbo Jam fulfills this need. Whether you are a new mom trying to lose your baby weight or a middle-aged guy trying to shed your love handles, you can fit Turbo Jam into your schedule. If the workouts and nutrition advice are followed as directed, you will see quick results and steady progress with Turbo Jam – another reason for its popularity.

The cost of fitness is also a factor in these tough economic times. Although everyone agrees that fitness is important, no one wants to spend more than they have to on it. Turbo Jam will not empty your pocketbook or wallet -it will only cost you three payments of $19.95.

Another reason Turbo Jam is so popular is because it is FUN! Your instructor, Chalene Johnson, is an energetic and engaging person who not only helps you lose weight and sculpt your body, she will also make you smile as you are doing it.

Finally, the program recognizes that nutrition is an integral part of any serious fitness regimen. The diet guides and advice included in the program (a nutrition guide and a guide to help you through the menus at popular fast-food restaurants) also helps you lose body fat and sculpt your body.

How Does Turbo Jam Work?

When you buy Turbo Jam, the workouts are delivered to you as a series of videos which you can use in your home. Chalene’s first video, “Learn & Burn”, is a 30 minute workout that shows you how to do her signature “Elite Eleven” moves. The Elite 11 moves are designed to target you’re a specific part of your core and ab muscles to ensure that you get the results that you want. The second 40 minute video, “Turbo Sculpt” is designed to sculpt your body and target your problem areas. The third video is called “Twenty Minute Workout” and is specifically designed to be a quick workout for you when you don’t have the time for a longer video. The fourth video, “Cardio Party”, is intense – it is a 45 minute, full-on dance workout/calorie blaster that is so good you won’t want it to end! The final video in the series is called “Ab Jam” and is a 20 minute work that focuses on your abdominal muscles. It is a standing routine – perfect for those in a hurry and/or reluctant or uncomfortable to get down on the floor. Together, the five videos provide a complete, full body workout for you that is fun and will help you see quick results.

When you buy the Turbo Jam workout videos, you also get the products (weight loss meal plan (with recipes), workout calendar and fast-food guide) described above. Chalene also includes additional products in your order. You will get Chalene’s patented “Turbo Sculpting Gloves”. These are weighted gloves that you can wear during the workout to increase your muscle activity and accelerate your results. You also get an additional video – a 50-minute “Punch, Kick and Jam” workout that will show you how to use the Turbo Sculpting Gloves and the “Turbo Slim” meal plan and measurement tool that could help you lose up to ten inches in just ten workouts.

Turbo Jam doesn’t promise that weight loss and body sculpting are easy. The routines discussed in these Turbo Jam reviews will challenge you, but if you follow them and eat right, you WILL see results.

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