Where to Buy Turbo Jam

Buy Turbo JamWondering where to buy Turbo Jam from? The Turbo Jam workout is not available from your local store – it’s only available directly from the owners and developers of this unique home fitness program – Beachbody and Chalene Johnson. You can only buy Turbo Jam from Beachbody and Chalene Johnson because they believe that offering the program to you through a retail store network would not provide you with the best customer experience.

Why Buy Turbo Jam from Beachbody?

Ordering the Turbo Jam program directly from Beachbody has several advantages for you. First, direct ordering ensures that you will receive the Turbo Jam product as Chalene Johnson intended – complete, current, and with the highest quality. As you will see when you begin the program, Chalene Johnson is passionate about Turbo Jam, and wants to guarantee that you are receiving it as she designed it. She can’t do that once it is shipped out to a third party retailer, because Beachbody no longer has control of the product.

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Second, Beachbody and Chalene know that your experience when you buy Turbo Jam can be as important as the program itself. When you purchase Turbo Jam from Beachbody, you will receive prompt and professional customer service that can quickly and correctly answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the product. You simply cannot get that high-quality buying experience from a typical mass retailer.

Finally, Beachbody is able to keep the cost of Turbo Jam at its current reasonable price by selling it to you directly. Retailers are in business to make a profit and if they are included in the distribution chain for Turbo Jam, their costs are included in the price you pay at their store checkout. You simply cannot buy a program of Turbo Jam’s quality at its price from a retailer. Why pay more for the convenience of a local retail store when you don’t have to?

How to Buy Turbo Jam

Buying the Turbo Jam program is quick and easy – you can order conveniently from your computer, any time of the day of night. Just visit the official Team Beachbody online store and place your order. Beachbody’s online ordering system is quick, painless, and secure. The professional sales representatives at Beachbody will ensure that your own copy of the Turbo Jam program is quickly on its way to you, so that you can start the workouts and begin seeing the benefits of the routines and nutrition guidance.

Your relationship with Beachbody is not over when you buy Turbo Jam – in fact, it is just beginning. Beachbody is serious about ensuring the quality of its customer service, both when you order and if you have any questions after your purchase. Their professional and friendly customer service representatives are standing by to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach their customer service representatives either through the toll free telephone line or through an interactive chat feature on the website.

What Will I Get When I Order Turbo Jam?

Chalene’s Turbo Jam workout program is a series of videos that you can use anytime in your home. The first introductory video is called “Learn & Burn”. It is a 30 minute workout that introduces you to the program and shows you how to do her signature “Elite Eleven” moves. These eleven moves are designed to target specific parts of your core and ab muscles to burn fat and build muscle where you want it. The second video, “Turbo Sculpt” (40 minutes) pushes you even further and sculpts your body by targeting your problem areas. The third video, “Twenty Minute Workout”, is a quick workout for you to use when you are in a hurry, but want to get a workout in anyway. The fourth video is the ultimate Turbo Jam workout. “Cardio Party” is a full-on, intense 45 minute dance workout/calorie blaster set to the latest music. Chalene’s final video is “Ab Jam”, which is a 20 minute workout that focuses on your abdominal muscles. Unlike many ab workouts, it is a standing routine – perfect for those in a hurry and/or reluctant or uncomfortable to get down on the floor. Together, the five videos provide a complete, full body workout for you that is both fun and productive. If you follow the routines and do the workouts, you WILL see results.

When you purchase Turbo Jam, you not only get the videos. Chalene also includes a weight loss meal plan (with recipes), workout calendar and fast-food eating guide and the “Turbo Slim” meal plan and measurement tool that could help you lose up to ten inches in just ten workouts.

You will also receive a special product that Chalene developed to increase the muscle activity during your workout. Chalene’s patented “Turbo Sculpting Gloves” are weighted gloves that you can wear during the workout to increase your muscle activity and accelerate your results. Along with the gloves, you will also get a video – the 50-minute “Punch, Kick and Jam” workout that will show you how to use the Turbo Sculpting Gloves.

The Turbo Jam program provides you with a complete workout program and nutritional advice for three payments of $19.95. How can you beat that deal? If you would like to learn more about Turbo Jam, be sure to check out our Turbo Jam reviews!

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